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PAIRS Holistic Healing is the official branch of the Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society, India (PAIRS), that deals with all things that are spiritual and addresses & heals a being at all levels, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

The branch is headed by Pooja Vijay, founder of PAIRS, who's also a Reiki Grand Master, Certified Metaphysician, Psychic, Past Life Regression Therapist and Angel Card Reader and a Paranormal Investigator.


Founder's Note

I hold an intention to help all those souls who are feeling stuck, lost, deprived, sad, guilty, traumatic, fearful, lacking self-love, going through a dark phase or facing any kind of phobias, physical, mental or emotional trauma.

We all are born with a very positive, good and high energy but our life circumstances and experiences can lower and affect our vibes and fill us with fear, phobias, pain and lots more. The negative experiences can begin as early as childhood and can affect our lives as adult.

I am humbled and grateful enough to be chosen as one of the mediums of the universe to help humanity, heal and shift towards higher consciousness.

Pooja Vijay
Founder, PAIRS India
Reiki Grand Master, Psychic, Metaphysician, Angel Card Reader,
Past Life Regression Therapist

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" The only temple that matters can be found within yourself "


 " If you want to find the secret to the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration "


" Healing is an art, it takes time,

it takes practice, it takes love "


 " If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 & 9, then you would have a key to the universe "



Customised and guided meditation sessions 

Cosmic Pink


Sessions designed for people going through ​any form of physical, emotional or mental stress or trauma

Violet Stars


Guidance from the Angelic realm with psychic guidance to help you in your life path

Cosmic Swirl


Addressing and healing our inner child can result in immense transformation at all levels.


Heal the imprints and patterns we are carrying from ancestors. We have to heal these not only to raise our vibrations but also to make sure they don't pass on to future generations. 

chakra healinG

Experience positive energy and bring harmony and alignment between body, mind and spirit

Avatar 100

Radhika Srinivasan, Pune


Thanks Pooja for guiding me always when needed the most .All the guided meditation sessions have been so powerful and therapeutic always . When ever I have been stressed anxious or worried , a call to you has put me back on track .Thank you for being my Reiki guru ,it has surely changed many life for good in many ways .I express my sincere gratitude to you .

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